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"Oh my! You're a knockout!" that was what my husband said when I came home from my first appointment with Noelle. She successfully turned a very frumpy ponytail ridden me into a trendy, put together lady. I had a color and a cut- The style she suggested and the amazing help she was with the color selection made the experience a breeze. I haven't colored my hair in a salon in years because I tend to not know what I want. Noelle guided me through the process with a patient, positive attitude. With a brow shaping and makeup consult I looked ten years younger, I swear. The makeup line she has in her salon is incredible, I never wear makeup and I was immediately sold! I will definitely see her again!"
 C.C. - Blue Hill, ME

"I went in to Noelle with too-blonde, streaky, dry hair with highlights that made no sense and she set me straight. She transformed my weird highlights into a nice, subtle look and actually instructed me on how to shampoo my hair correctly, so it didn t dry out. After searching for over two years for a hairstylist in Portland, I've finally found the right one!"
 Emily - Portland, ME

"Noelle is awesome! She did a corrective color and haircut for me and I was so impressed with her skill, I came back the next day for a Brazilian blowout. Honestly, my hair has never looked so stylish before. She really took her time and listened to what I wanted. I never felt rushed and she gave me her undivided attention. Thanks again Noelle!"
 Jana - Portland, ME 

"After several visits to various salons in the Portland area, none of which left me happy, I found Andiamo! and have been a loyal client ever since. I have seen the way Noelle is with her clients- She is ALWAYS patient, easy to talk to, and, most importantly, tries her best to make her clientele happy. (And she does a great job - several times clients have come in to thank her for great cuts/color/etc when I have been in for a cut/color/brazilian conditioning treatment.) I no longer live in Portland but make the 2 hr drive just to see her every few months. She is just that good - better than anyone I have seen in NYC or LA, and believe me, I have looked."
 Annie - Rockland, ME

"I have never been so happy with my hair in all of my life! I started going to Noelle a year ago, and at the time, I wasn't so crazy about my hair. I am a person who has always struggled with my hair and finding the right style. I never dreamed I could actually like my hair, let alone love it.
I worked in the salon industry for over ten years at a few elite salons throughout the North East.
I worked with top stylists, a couple of whom worked with celebrities in New York City and Las Vegas...I can honestly say that I have never met anyone as talented as Noelle and I am very grateful to have met her. I would recommend Andiamo to anyone and everyone, I can not say enough wonderful things about it."
 Katie - South Portland, ME
"Excellent value and convenient location for those who live and work in the Old Port. Noelle is an excellent stylist and professional--She made me look and feel beautiful!"
 Deb - Portland, ME
"I've lived in Maine for about six years but was traveling back to a salon in Massachusetts for hair cuts until I met Noelle. She has a beautiful, comfortable and relaxing salon. I couldn't ask for better services and products!!! I have very curly hair and Noelle really knows how my hair acts and cuts it perfectly. If your looking for someone new to trust with your hair, Andiamo! is the place!"
 Kim - Portland, ME
"Noelle at Andiamo! Salon and Spa totally exceeded ALL my expectations. I had gotten a HORRIBLE color job in the fall and was attempting to grow it out until Noelle put her magic touch to work. Her experience and knowledge in all areas makes me trust her to do anything to my hair and skin! I have finally found my match in the Old Port. PS. I have never had a spray tan that was so even and perfectly done!"
 Alison - Portland, ME
"I went to Andiamo! and Noelle did an amazing haircut. She listened to what I wanted and added some great input. She even took the time to show me how I can blow-dry my hair to add volume. Can't wait to have my highlight done by her!"
 Rachel - Falmouth, ME
"My husband and I have been going to Noelle since moving from Manhattan over a year ago. Even in New York City we never found a hairstylist that we would repeatedly go back to. We are so happy we found Noelle! She will work with you to give you exactly what you want. We love her work and personal attention to detail that we have become her clients for life. We definitely recommend her to both men and women."
 Kelly - North Yarmouth, ME
"Noelle is the only person I'll ever trust with my hair ever again, she's been amazing these past two years for me. I went in two summers ago with a dark brown/black color disaster and she helped me bring it up to a beautiful, healthy blonde color after six hours of labor! Since then I've been many colors, and Noelle has kept it looking sleek and gorgeous all along :) I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable, friendly, and educated hair stylist."
 Anna - Windham, ME
"Great haircut and Balayage color! Just before returning to the workforce from maternity leave, I decided I needed a sassy new haircut. My criteria were impossible....I wanted a short cut that required little to no maintenance and that looked awesome. On top of that, it needed to look good as it grew out because since I was going back to work with an infant at home, I was pretty sure that I would not be getting another haircut for at least 6 months. To add complication, my hair had gone from super straight to slightly curly with my pregnancy. This sounds like an unachievable pipe dream, right??? WRONG!!!! At Andiamo! I received the haircut of my dreams. Not only did it look good and give me great confidence as I went back to work, it also has continued to look great. Today is actually 6 months since my first haircut and Andiamo! and although my hair is longer, it still looks pretty darn fabulous. I am going back today and am excited to see what the cut brings. Andiamo is amazing!"
 H.W - Wells, ME

"Noelle is excellent! She has saved my hair on multiple occasions from HORRIBLE dye jobs that were done at other salons. I HIGHLY recommend Andiamo! to everyone. Noelle will give you just what you want and are looking for, not to mention...the salon is so cute and cozy. Noelle is the only one I trust with my very blonde hair. Seriously, schedule an appointment with her and I'm sure you will never want to go anywhere else again."
 Caitlyn - Portland, ME
"I recently was waxed at Andiamo! and it was a fantastic experience....well as good of an experience as getting waxed can be. Noelle was very knowledgeable and extremely fast and efficient. I have been waxed before and it was terrible. My wax at Andiamo was fast, as painless as possible and the results were fantastic! I most definitely be going back for another one!"
 Sarah - Falmouth, ME
"I had searched high and low for a stylist that wouldn't give me pencil thin eyebrows and knew their job. Noelle does not disappoint, if you want waxing or hair done properly this is the girl to go to. Seriously, I went through a dozen bad stylists before finding Noelle and have been since going to her for years."
 J.B - Portland, ME
"I just moved to the area and I happened on this place. I got a bikini wax. The owner was very professional and super friendly. She used gentle, high quality products that did not leave
my skin irritated as usual, she also helped me with some ingrown hair issues.
 I will go back here again for sure."
 Laura - Portland, ME
"Noelle gave me a great Brazilian wax, while putting me at ease and making me feel comfortable. It's not easy to do, but she was quick, and her wax (not actually wax but something better!) is nearly painless. She also sells a great cream for helping your hair grow in thinner. I was very nervous about finding a hair removal technician here in Maine (I moved from NYC) but I think Noelle actually gave me my best Brazilian yet. Highly recommended."
 Alicia - Portland, ME 
"Highly recommended! I go there for hair cuts and waxes and Noelle is nothing but welcoming and professional. She gives me great advice on my haircuts and takes my wants seriously while giving me a great cut! As for the waxing, she really does make it as quick and pain-free as possible. She definitely understands how it feels and has taken the time to learn the technique well. She always remembers who you are and welcomes you like a friend. I would, and have, recommended Andiamo! to my friends and family."
 Molly - Portland, ME
"I just had my second Brazilian Blowout at Andiamo!- I have environmental allergies and asthma and have to be careful - no perfume or smelly hair spray. Last year I was worried when I read all the negative press about Brazilian Blowouts but it was August and I was sick of my frizzy hair. Not only did I love my hair after the treatment, but during the treatment I had NO problems with fumes, breathing issues, burning eyes, or discomfort of any kind. Noelle knows what she is doing and does it well. My second Brazilian Blowout was just like the first - no problems and beautiful results. If you're unsure about having the Blowout, go see Noelle. You will not regret it."
 Jackie - Gorham, ME
"I just got a Brazilian Blowout from Noelle at Andiamo! and it's truely amazing. I used to spend 30 minutes on my hair (I have very thick hair so it took forvever to blow dry which turned it into a puffy mess then I had flat iron everything). I washed my hair yesterday and literally did almost nothing to it. I dried for a few minutes, then left it alone for 30 - 45 minutes while I got the kids off to school and then touched it up with a large curling iron and I was out the door. I LOVE IT and Noelle is wonderful! I live 4 1/2 hours from her salon and I'm planning on going back in 12 weeks for another treatment"
 Sandy - Easton, ME
"I moved to Maine in 2010 and had been going to the same hairdresser in New Hampshire for 6 years; I thought I'd never switch. My busy schedule prohibited me from getting down to see my regular girl. I was extremely nervous as I have a LOT of thick, coarse hair which makes it hard to cut/style. She did an awesome job and recommended a Brazilian Blowout. I used to have to straighten my hair every morning which made it harder to manage. But with the Blowout, I don't have to anymore. It's so awesome to have 15 minutes added back to my mornings because my hair is easier to style. Noelle does a great job and I would absolutely recommend her."
 Jen - Biddeford, ME
"I had a Brazilian Blowout at Andiamo! Salon and it looks great! I washed and blow dried it today  for the first time and it is still shiny and frizz free, with just a little of my natural wave. The day I had it done, 3 people told me it made me look much younger and I was surprised, but when I went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of things and some wine and was carded, I was even more surprised. I've been going there for years, and that has never happened! I'm very happy with the results and Noelle is great to work with. This was exactly what I was looking for!
 Michelle - Portland, ME
"OMG! Andiamo! is the best salon I have ever encountered. Noelle is so awesome and personable and is amazing at what she does...I just got a sassy new cut and highlight and also did the Brazilian Blowout & it was honestly life changing! Coming from someone who has crazy curly and frizzy hair & has had some terrible hair traumas...I will gladly recommended Andiamo! to everyone I see  :) "
 Jessica - Portland, ME
"I went to Andiamo for the Infinity Spray tan before my wedding. It was absolutely amazing!! I was nervous of the color looking orange or streaking, but Noelle does an amazing job! It looked so natural that people didn't believe me when I told them it was a spray tan. It was absolutely the perfect bridal glow I needed, and I will continue to go back to Noelle and her Infinity tan!"
 K.D - Falmouth, ME 
"I moved to Portland from New York City and was looking for someone that could give a me a high quality spray tan. I really liked Andiamo's website and decided to give it a try. I have had been spray tanned by top make-up artists in New York and I have to say, the sunless tanning she does is amazing!! Noelle gave me the best spray tan I have ever had! The color is very natural looking, even on my pale skin. If you are looking for a streak-free, natural looking sunless tan, go to Andiamo!"
 Jen - Cape Elizabeth, ME
"I am thrilled to find a upscale salon with down to earth owner with practical pricing. The Infinity Sun sunless tanning is the best tan I have ever had! Looks real, is safe and environ-friendly."
 Danielle - Portland, ME
"I had a last minute vacation and found myself in need of a tan, highlights and a new cut! I have had several spray tans from NYC, CT and here in Portland and absolutely nothing compares to the Infinity Sun sunless tan! Noelle uses a clear solution so when I left I did not look streaky and scary all. It developed over the day and I never felt sticky and gross. I was able to accomplish other tasks before my trip. By the end of the day I had a beautiful tan. It was great! She gave me beautiful blonde highlights and a cute trendy cut. Noelle is motivated and very sweet. She made me feel comfortable and asked just the right questions to help me find my new look. I left her salon feeling like a million bucks! I would recommend her to everyone I know and am so happy she opened her salon and I found her. Looking forward to my next trip back!"
 Sarah - Portland, ME 
"I recently had my first experience with Noelle and Infinity Sun sunless tanning, the entire experience was...awesome! Noelle is very personable, knowledgeable and fun to be around. She explained the entire process to me from start to finish and did an excellent job applying the tan! I loved everything about the experience and my tan looks awesome! I don't look orange or streaky at all and my closest friends can't tell that it is a spray tan! Worth every penny and I would definitely recommend giving it a try. Looking forward to my next experience at Andiamo!"
 Sue - Falmouth, ME
"I went in for my first spray tan with Noelle, and had an excellent experience. Noelle provided lots of information for the entire treatment. How to prepare my skin for the appointment, how to maintain balanced tone in the following week(s), and suggestions and tips on ensuring you receive maximum benefits from the appointment. The color is natural, even and looks great. I highly recommend seeing Noelle for a spray tan or any other salon service. You will not be disappointed. Noelle is great!"
 Lori - Portland, ME
"Noelle did my make-up for my wedding on Great Diamond Island. Being from California, I was stabbing in the dark to find a make-up artist in Portland. After a terrible experience at a well-known Portland salon, I tried Andiamo for a trial make-up session. Noelle and I hit it off and I immediately scheduled her for my wedding day. On the day of my wedding she did a great job. She listened to everything I requested and made me look absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you Noelle!!!"
 Shaina - Morgan Hill, CA
I called Andiamo! Salon & Spa on the spur of the moment, and I was hoping to set an appointment to get in to see her in the next day or two but she got me in that same day. I was in a panic as I had just had a very bad haircut that looked like someone put a bowl over my head to cut my bangs...I left feeling like a million bucks! Not only did Noelle give me the best haircut of my life, I also got a mini-makeover using the cosmetic line that felt oh-so-good on my face. Noelle I can't thank you enough!"
 Pam - Portsmouth, NH
"One of the best haircut experiences I've received in a looong time. Noelle was extremely friendly from the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, and was very helpful, knowledgeable, and understood what kind of haircut I wanted when I wasn't even sure myself. It's affordable, too! A great place for guys with longer hair looking for an affordable salon. I'll be going back often."
 Will - Portland, ME
"I got my first cut at Andiamo Salon for a Men's cut and I was VERY pleased. Noelle was fun, personable and very informative and her experience and knowledge showed throughout. Noelle asked the questions and spent the time to really figure out what I was looking for and did just that! I definitely recommend Noelle and Andiamo to the guys. Stop getting butchered at Supercuts and go see Noelle!"
 Eric - Gorham, ME

"The Absolute Best Salon!!!! As a medical student, several of my classmates had offered negative criticisms regarding my haircut from the JC Penny Hair Salon. The years that I have spent with the US Army, I have not been disturbed much about what has transpired with my hair after haircuts, but that particular day after the JC Penny hair stylist cut my hair, I got many negative criticisms from several of my medical school classmates and I was determined to see if any other salons would be able to revamp my hair. As one of my classmates has said, your hair “looked like a lawnmower went through it”...Instantaneously after my dreadful haircut experience with JC Penny Hair Salon at the mall, I contacted Andiamo. Before this happened, I used Google to examine all the hair salons within the Portland, Maine area. Only did one salon position itself out from the rest, “ANDIAMO”. First of all, I am so grateful and extremely thankful for the owner Ms. Noelle Tognella to have been able to “fix” my hair from the awful job JC Penny Hair Salon did on my hair. On that day, after conversing with the owner, Noelle told me to come in even after she was closing. When I got there, she was incredibly polite, considerate, and extremely helpful. After spending 45 minutes with my hair since it was quite short because the hair stylist at JC Penny took the length down, all my classmates asked me who did the revamping because it looked remarkable compared to when the JC Penny decimated it... to this day, I am still gratified and grateful with Ms. Noelle Tognella. The time that I am still around the Portland, Maine area, I will always go to ANDIAMO for a haircut. I highly recommend to go there."
 Tong L. - Portland, ME


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